VietKids: English Learn & Play - the perfect application for kids to learn English and Vietnamese. It includes English vocabulary sessions and quiz of several topics; memory game and puzzle to enhance intellectual capability. We are proud to be your kids’ learning and playing buddy!

Highlights and features:

  • Learn English vocabulary as well as improve speaking skill with 600 images in 18 categories which are carefully designed and selected:
    • Alphabet, Number, Color, Fruit, Vegetable
    • Appliance, Clothes, School, Garden, Animal
    • Kitchen, Sport, Tool, Transport, Music.
  • Various music and entertainment videos collections
  • English vocabulary quiz game which allows parents to test kids' memory.
  • Memory Match Game to enhance baby' retention capability.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Game for kids to connect pieces into a picture.
  • Shape Game which allows kids & toddlers to recognize shapes and develop their observation skills.